The Cool-Catcher Review

Personal Cooling Ice Pack for Catcher's

Cool Catcher Helmet Ice Pack


Simple mounting system with reverse straps and secure buckles.

Recommended to freeze ice packs overnight and keep in cooler.

1 black Cool-Catcher harness and 3 blue gel packs.

Leaves my TX Warehouse within 24 hrs.

Order online, or call 817-303-6620

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

 The Cool Catcher Product Review

Summer is the best and worst time for outdoor sports. Sure, you can count on more sun which in turn means more games, but man is it hot. Playing softball in the summer time can be the best and the worst. The dirt is scorching hot, you're sweating, but you are able to play the game you love, outside, in the summer sun. And not worrying about waking up for school Monday morning after a long weekend tournament is a blessing in and of itself. However, being a catcher in the summer sun on the fire-like dirt is one of the most difficult things to do in the game of softball. Each inning strapping on the gear that covers just about every inch of your front side, the top of your head is covered (where all the heat stays trapped), and then hustle to your position where you are expected to lead and be the most vocal on the field. Hot days make being a catcher one of the most difficult positions on the field. That's why we have a product to help cool down the hottest player on the dirt. The Cool Catcher is the hottest item to keep your player from over-heating.

Cool Catcher Cold Gel Pack System

While the cool catcher does not replace adequate hydration, it does assist in cooling off the most covered part of the catcher's body. The Cool Catcher is a series of ice packs that buckle to the underside of a hockey-style catcher's helmet. It is designed to fit all makes and models of the hockey-style mask and the buckles make it extremely adjustable. The Cool-Catcher comes with three ice packs (for use of multiple during the course of a whole game) and a carrier for the packs that attaches to the helmet. Simply stick the ice packs in the cold, let them freeze, take one out, put one in the holder and you're all set!

Softball Helmet Cool Catcher Cold Gel Pack Harness

As summer approaches, don't let your catcher step onto the field without having the confidence that they're being kept cool underneath the hot summer sun. Towels get dirty, and drench your player's uniform, while Cool-Catcher supplies coolness without being wet! Make sure your catcher stays cool this summer and purchase a Cool-Catcher today.


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