Cross Fielding – Fielding Drill –

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to push players to exhaustion and still promote proper fielding.

Two coaches will be set up at home plate to hit fungo to one player at 2nd and the other coach to hit to one player at short stop. There should be one player at third and first to catch balls as well.

The Coaches will hit and entire bucket of balls to the players at second base and short stop.

The second baseman will field the ball and throw to 3rd base. The short stop will field the ball and throw to the first baseman.

The fielders will become fatigued, but then for encouragement make it into a competition to see how many balls that a player can correctly field and throw without error.

When finished the first and third baseman will exchange buckets with the coaches and proceed to the back of the 2nd or short-stop line and the fielders will rotate to the base they threw too.

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