Crossfire – Fielding Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to practice good communication skills as well as keeping the players focused and alert while fielding, running, hitting. and catching.

Use 2 hitters and catchers, and two or more fielders.

Place one set of catcher and hitter half way between 1st base and Home, the other set between 3rd and Home

Place one fielder at shortstop and another at second base. Have the other girls flank the fielders about 10 feet back.

The hitter between 1st base and home will hit to short stop and the hitter between 3rd and home will hit to 2nd base. The balls should “cross over” one another essentially.

Once the fielder has fielded and thrown the ball back to the catcher, the fielder will rotate clockwise and the next player will take her position.

Have the hitters hit about 15 times, then rotate with the catchers. When they have both hit 15 each, the hitters and catchers will rotate to the field and 4 fielders will come in to hit and catch.

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