Crowns – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great for building a players strength and endurance when running. This is a great off season drill.

Line up all of the players in partners at home plate. (Partners will encourage each other)

The first group will jog out to the foul pole in right field and drop and do 10 push-ups correctly.

The second group will follow when the first group finishes their push-up and so on..

The first group now jogs backwards to the second base fielding position, drops and completes 15 correct sit-ups (Might want to set up a cone halfway between 1st and 2nd to mark this spot)

Then that group lunges out to the fence in center field and completes 15 jumping jacks

They then jog to the short stop position and complete 20 crunches

Then proceed to the left field foul pole and complete 10 more push-ups correctly

Finally the group will build up to a sprint back to home plate.

Continue this drill about 5 times and then add a time limit to push the players!

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