Crystl Bustos The Artist?

Crystl Bustos The Artist? Written By Gary Leland

A few weeks ago I was checking my Facebook page, and I saw a post from Dalton Ruer about Crystl Bustos. It stated Crystl had decided to move into the world of art. That she was going to start selling her first work of art.

If you have followed Crystl recently, then you know that she designed a young softball player that she has been marketing on T-shirts, and stuff. So it appears that Crystal has decided to market the logo as a stand alone work of art. Yes, you could get it before on a t-shirt but never as a pice of stand alone piece of art.

The post stated that she was going to produce 20 numbered, and hand signed pieces. The limited pieces would then be sold for $40 each. Maybe I am a sucker, but I got on Paypal and sent her my $40, and waited for the art to arrive.

Upon arrival I have to say that I got a very good deal. The logo artwork itself is cute, and while it is not a Picasso, or Rembrandt in quality, I did not expect it to be. What it is though is fun, cute, and created by the greatest softball hitter of all times. I think Crystal was way to low on the price. I mean if you are an autograph collector, I would assume her autograph on a photo would cost at least $25.00. So to get a limited edition print included for just an extra $15. What a deal!

I do not know if Crystal will come out with more art offerings or not, but if she does I would say it is well worth the money for any softball fan.

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