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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the media people at Louisville Slugger about reviewing their new custom bat program.

The folks at Louisville Slugger wanted my thoughts on their new custom bat program, and wanted me to share my thoughts with you the Fastpitch TV audience.

Louisville Slugger requested I go online, and actually go threw the same process of designing and buying a custom bat that a customer would do. I even got to choose any color combinations I desired.

This really did appeal to me since it actually allowed me to see what was involved in using their online design center which is located at

Let me tell you how the process of using the design center works for creating the bat of your dreams.

Upon opening the landing page you will need to choose between three options. You must decide if you want a custom wood bat, custom fastpitch bat, or custom fan collectable.

I am sure you will know what you want even before you get to the website.

After you have chosen fastpitch bats you will come to the information page about the LXT Hyper Fastpitch Bat. This basically tells you all about the bat you are getting ready to order.

Part of the information is the size options for the bat which are as follows:

The drop 11″ comes in 29″, 30″, 31″, 32″, 33″ lengths.
The drop 10″ comes in 31″, 32″, 33″, 34″ lengths.
The drop 9″ comes in 33″, 34″ lengths.
The drop 8″ comes in a 34″ length.

While there you will also see the following description:

The bat most frequently selected by elite Fastpitch players now brings one more thing to the table: customization. The LXT HYPER features new technology for the ultimate balanced swing weight and maximum pop, allowing players to get the most from their bat when they step into the box. The LXT HYPER is built with a 100% composite design and new PBF Barrel Technology that doubles the sweet spot for unmatched power. Louisville Slugger has improved the patented TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection, allowing for necessary movement between the barrel and handle to maximize the barrel trampoline effect and eliminate negative vibration — giving you the best possible feel when you bring the bat through the zone. With thousands of color combinations to choose from, custom LXT HYPER bats are available in -11, -10, -9 and -8.

From there you will start with the process of designing your bat by choosing Customize.

Step 1 Choose Your Barrel Options:
A. Choose between matte or gloss finish.
B. Choose the base color fir your bat from 14 colors.
C. Choose the color for the word Louisville on the barrel, and at the end of barrel from 18 colors.
D. Choose the color of the word LXT from 18 colors.

Step 2 Choose Your Handle Options:
A. Choose your handle base color from 16 colors. This is the actual color of the handle.
B. Choose the color of the decal on the handle from 18 colors.
C. Choose the cone color from 14 color combinations. This is the connector between the barrel and the handle.

Step 3 Choose Your Grip Options:
A. Choose the color of your grip tape from 21 colors and combinations.
Step 4 Choose Your End Cap and Knob Options:
A. Choose your end cap from 14 color combinations.
B. Choose your knob color from 16 colors.

Step 5 choose your weight drop & length:
A. Choose the weight drop for your bat.
B. Choose the length for your bat.
C. Choose from Left, or right handed bat. Yes, the grip tape is applied differently for left handed vs. right handed players.

Step 6 Personalize your barrel:
A. Add text to the barrel of your bat up to 9 characters.
B. Choose the color of your text from 13 colors.
C. Choose a font for your text from 4 different fonts.

Step 7 Review and buy:
A. Review the order and agree that it is what you want.
B Add to your shopping cat and purchase.

That is it. That is all there is to it. I designed my custom bat in less than 5 minutes and around 4 weeks later my custom bat showed up at my doorstep.

Of course I love the look of my new bat. Why did I love it? Because I designed it myself.

Now here is the best thing about the bat. It is a Louisville Slugger LXT which is probably the number one bat on the market.

Yes, not only do you get a great looking bat by designing it yourself, but you get a hitting machine of a bat.

I personally give the process of ordering your custom Louisville Slugger 5 out of 5 stars.

How do you think my new bat looks?


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