Downward Resistance – Hitting Drill –

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to break players of the habit of dropping the barrel of the bat and popping up the ball when they hit.

One player at a time will take her at-bat stance.

The coach will stand where the umpire would normally stand and hold the top of the barrel on the bat.

The player will be instructed to take her swing as the coach is still holding the barrel of the bat up.

As the coach is holding up the barrel of the bat the player is feeling that resistance and is making the correct motions to pull the bat away from the coaches hands.

The coach will then release the bat and the player will finish her swing.

The player will not hit the coach when she finishes her swing.

If the coach still feels uncomfortable with this then just take a step back when releasing the bat.

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