The Dummy Batter – Pitching Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is best for the pitcher who already understands the mechanics of pitching, wants to improve accuracy, and is a great tool for learning new pitches.

The dummy batter drill involves a cardboard or wooden cutout of a batter, standing in her first stance at the plate. The dummy should have a line coming down in front of it, made from a stiff material that will not blow about in the wind.

This line is the proverbial “bulls eye” for the pitcher, providing a visual cue denoting the perfect strike zone.

The dummy batter is great because of the safety concerns with pitching. When a pitcher is learning a new pitch such as the drop, curve, rise, and screw, the batter stays safe and the pitcher is free to experiment as necessary.

The dummy batter can also help the pitcher train for consistency as well.

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