Pitching Endurance Drill – Keri Casas

Objective: Develop endurance and stamina with muscle memory.

Drill: After a pitching working, use 3 balls and have them set to the side of the pitcher’s mound. The catcher will call out 3 pitches for the pitcher to throw in a row. The catcher will drop the balls near the plate after they are caught. The pitcher throws all 3 pitches as quickly as possible, then runs and picks up the balls by the catcher, and runs back to the mound. The catcher repeats the cycle and calls out 3 more pitches to throw. Continue this drill for about 6-8 sets.

Goal: Gain endurance, speed, mental strength, and muscle memory. As the body tires, the brain loses focus; the goal is to develop both physical and mental strength while pushing the body to its limit.

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