Is It The Bat, Or The Player?

Are All Bats The Same? – Produced By Gary Leland

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I am sure you have heard the saying “it is the player that matters, not the bat”. In this episode, we see if that is true.

Does the bat make a better hitter or is it all the player? To prove the point that the better the bat the better the hitter becomes is all in this weeks episode. This will show a comparison between two different bats that are significantly different in price and how the ball travels. See for yourself!

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  • noname

    ok, so a ball will travel 15 feet further with a $300 bat than a $100 bat… how would this compare to a slapper or someone who bunts? sometimes it might just appear that the $300 bat is actually better. Now I will say you might have a better warranty with a more expensive bat. Just my thoughts on the comparison.

  • Texassoftballer

    Okay, so I agree with the whole bat pricing and I mainly just wanted to make a reccomendation for another episode. Guys are always making snide comments about how much better and harder baseball is vs. softball, and I want to prove them wrong. Sports Science has done an episode about it, but my friends argued saying “Jennie Finch never tried to hit a baseball pitcher”. I was thinking that y’all could get a baseball player to pitch to a softball hitter and vice versa to see who does better… Thanks! 🙂

    • softballpapa63

      I agree with Texassoftballer, lets put the girls vs. the boys and see what happens!

  • carlos montes

    concerning bats i here people say they rolled the bat whats that? or they corked it put in on a lathe to thin the walls is this legal? does a bat need to be broken in ?like a composite or does it hit as solid 6 months later my friends tell me once its broken in its better is this true? or they cuped the end. if i buy a good composite bat do i need stuff like this done

  • glovewhisperer

    very informative, idk why they say that baseball players have it so much harder! i do agree that technology is getting so advanced, bats are definitely not what they were even just a few years ago. no wonder they have all of the new regulations.

  • FPPapa28

    You get what you pay for with a bat! Those Xenos are hot!!!!