Pitching Leg Kick – Christine Summers

Pitching Leg Kick – Christine Summers – Produced By Gary Leland

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This week Christine Summers is explaining the leg kick to pitchers.

Christine Summers takes the time to demonstrate leg kicking for fastpitch softball pitchers. This is generally overlooked by most softball pitchers, but in this video Christine Summers shows how beneficial working on this one aspect of pitching will give a player more power in each pitch!

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  • Gncsystems

    I have a daughter the pitches , what she is teaching is nothing wrong, she has good mechanics, the pitcher get closer and the ball goes fast. I also disagree having a man the has pitch Baseball should be teaching fastball pitch. I know they are a lot of man teaching softball pitching but I prefer women who has play and pitch. Its all about learning the good mechanics.

  • Gncsystems

    I also want to comet on not hiding the ball on the glove, I don’t know where you leave but my daughter hide her pitches, Where I leave I have seeing all the pitcher hiding their pitches. Only when you learning to pitch is when you don’t hide your pitches at age 8 years old until they learn. I don’t know Christine I have never meet her, but she is doing a great Job she doesn’t need to go to anybody, people in your area where you leave needs to go to her.