Bat Speed?

Bat Speed? – Produced By Gary Leland

I am sure you have heard that a lighter bat creates more bat speed. We see if that is true, and what it actually means.

In this week’s episode we are providing you feed back on whether a lighter bat creates more bat speed. If you have ever had any questions regarding this topic stick around and take a look at this video with demonstrations on how the difference of the bat relates to the bat speed.

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  • Great show Gary! You are a lot of fun to watch – it looks like you really enjoy what you do!

    I just wanted to make sure that your viewers understand that while switching to a lighter bat will increase bat-swing speed it will not make them hit balls farther or faster. A lighter bat is less effective at transferring energy and momentum to the ball, so a lighter bat won’t hit balls as fast or as far. When a player switches to a lighter bat, the increase in batted-ball speed due to a faster swing is almost completely canceled by the decrease in batted-ball speed due to the lighter bat. The only way to increase batted-ball speed (and distance) is to swing the same bat faster.

  • admin

    Dan, thanks for the comment. Yes I hope that info did not lost in all my talking. The increase distance of 4 feet, per extra MPH was if all things were equal. By that I mean the same bat being swung faster.

    That could of gotten lost due to the fact the show started with 3 different bats.

  • softballpapa63

    I always thought the heavier the bat the farther the ball would go, this is interesting!