How To Throw Faster Pitches

How To Throw Faster Pitches by Bill Hillhouse

Produced By Gary Leland

In this episode of the Fastpitch Softball Chat Show, Bill Hillhouse talks about his most asked question on how to throw faster pitches in softball. Bill says that pitching softball is exactly as pitching baseball, power is in the legs!

Many young girls understand they are throwing the ball with their arm, but think the power comes from the arm. It does not, the explosion of energy in the pitch comes from the legs. The second factor in gaining speed is the “whip” of the arm, not the bend in the elbow.

Key Take Aways:
1. Core strength is important, develop and strengthen your legs.
2. Don't get complacent in working on the push of the legs, and the whip of the arm.

Bill Recommends:
Think about other sports, for example where does the power come from in basketball for a jumpshot? A jumpshot takes power from all 4 parts of the body. Work on each section of the body when pitching. Don't just wind up one arm, focus on the entire body for pitching motion. Each half of the body helps the other. Use the entire body to help get the explosiveness for speed.

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