Fastpitch Hitting Clinic part 2 – Jennie Dalton Hill

Fastpitch Softball Hitting Clinic Part 2 – Jennie Dalton Hill – Produced By Gary Leland

This week I continue a great coaching clinic part 2 by Jennie Dalton Hill.

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Jennie Dalton Hill continues her fastpitch softball offense clinic by answering questions from softball coaches on how to help the players on their teams. Jennie has learned through her experience that fastpitch softball coaches generally make the mistake of focusing on one mechanical flaw in a players swing, but that may not be the case for the entire softball has the perfect fastpitch bat for you! If a coach is having trouble with finding a solution for a player always begin with a players base and foot work then work their way up. Many coaches have trouble with fixing bad habits with some players in over rotating their hips and ask how to fix it. Jennie explains that fixing a problem like this will be different for each player. One player may learn one way, but others may need a different approach. Jennie continues on explaining the process of switching hitters to be slap hitters, or changing their swing dramatically. Coaches must not assume an automatic change. Certain skills in softball players and other athletes are to be developed, not expected.

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