Fastpitch Magazine Issue 16

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 16

Issue 16 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Welcome to issue 16 of the Fastpitch Magazine. We begin this issue with Jen Croneberger’s article “For Love of the Game”. Jen’s love of fastpitch softball led her to not only play the game she loves so much but to study sport psychology; after talking with hundreds of players and asking them “How much of your game is from the neck up?”. Her next question to those athletes is then “Are you spending 65%, 75%, 90% of your time on the mental game?” Read Jen’s article for insight on how to focus on mental preparedness.

This month’s “Fastpitch Drill of the Month” covers weight hitting. This drill is an effective way to create proper muscle memory and gain strength in your bottom hand when hitting.

Coaches do you ever wonder “Is Running the Best Workout for Softball Players?”, Carly Schonberg’s Fastpitch Power shatters the misconception that running without supervision or mechanical correction will get players into shape. Coaches – Carly shows you what physical capacities actually contribute to speed and power of your softball players. This is an article you won’t want to miss.

Every parent that has a softball player in high school looking to play at the college level needs to read Stacie Mahoe’s “Fastpitch from the Heart”. In her article “College Softball: Wimps and Whiners Need Not Apply” may sound harsh from the title but Stacie provides in depth information on the process of moving from high school to college level softball. Anyone looking to play fastpitch softball in college should read and save this article.

What do players do after college? In this month’s “Getting Dirty” with Coach Dalton he gives insight and information on how to ensure you have a long career in the sport. Coach Dalton’s advice is to “DO NOTHING”! Check out his full article as to why he says all athletes need to DO NOTHING.

“Success Guaranteed!” some players/people will argue that you cannot guarantee success. However, in “Bridging the Gap Between Potential and Performance” Aaron Weintraub shows exactly how athletes and non-athletes can have guaranteed success!

This month we welcome Robb Behymer to our group of amazing contributors. Rob’s article “Let Passion Drive you” Robb shares with us a turning point in his life where he decided to make a difference in people’s life and start the Top Gun Scholorship Fund as well as the Top Gun All-American Awards in an effort to give something back to the athletes that attended his event. He also shares how your passion for something motivates you like nothing else.

Every serious player at some point will ask themselves “How do I take my game to the next level?” Coach Marc Dagenais covers every aspect of this question in his section “Taking Your Game to the Next Level”. This month Coach Marc begins part one on “Types of Sport Families” and how they behave and their impact. Given the shift in the family dynamics over the past two decades or so, it is reasonable to understand the change in values, beliefs and attitudes of parents and their children. Coach Marc takes a look at these various dynamics and provides insight into where parents or children get their behavior.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Sherry L. Werner, PHD as a contributor each month. This month in “Windmill Wisdom” Dr. Werner talks about a pitcher’s use of their legs and breaks down the physics of how the motion and force from your legs imparts to the ball. Pitcher’s you won’t want to miss this article!

Rob Crews brings us his “SWAG 101” this month in his article titled “The Self-Taught Hitter”. Rob shares vital information on working with hitters as a group and individually, the importance of mindset training and how to address each hitter’s specific issues. Help your hitters realize the importance of understanding the finer details of their swing, especially what they are feeling, which will lead them to the ability to correct their own errors. Rob provides tips on mindset training for hitters.

In our “Catcher’s Zone” with Bryan Ingalls he talks about “Respect the Game”. Regardless of what level you are playing at give 100% all the time. Giving less is disrespecting the game as well as your team. Always look for ways to learn and improve your skills. Learn what has been done in your sport to get it to the place it is today, don’t come to a team or sport feeling entitled to something just for showing up. This is a great article to share with your players.

As the holidays rapidly approach parents and maybe even coaches may be looking for that one perfect gift for their athlete. In this month’s “Softball Academy” with Mitch Alexander he provides a list of “10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Youth Softball Players 2013”. As most players are making the transition from fall ball to winter workouts, Mitch has received requests for recommended holiday gift ideas. His article provides his top ten gift ideas sure to please and improve any softball player!

One of the most common corrections a hitter may hear is “you are dropping your hands” however, in this month’s “Quit Batting and Start Hitting” with Charity Butler, Charity explains that it is more likely that it is a problem with the hitters posture! Check out Charity’s article on “Pop Flies: Dropping hands are NOT the problem”.

This month we have added Coach V’s contribution on “How to select a bat”. Coach V breaks down the physics of softball bats and how to choose what bat is best for your swing and size.

All this and more are in this month issue.

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