Fastpitch Magazine Issue 17

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 17

Issue 17 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Welcome to issue 17 of the Fastpitch Magazine. We begin this issue with our exclusive videos from the national Fastpitch Coaches Association. The NFCA held their national convention in San Antonio this year. During the convention they assed four coaches to their Hall Of Fame. This episode I bring you all new members of the HOF as they are inducted, These are great videos that you will see no where else.

Then Rob Crews has been asking his hitters “What do you hit with?”, in asking this question he received varying answers from legs, to arms, to entire body. However, Rob feels that the path of the hands is more important. Read his article as he explains his theory.

We also have Charity Butler's article that focuses on “Strengths vs Weaknesses: Where to Spend Your Time”. Charity shares statements from University of Florida Head Coach, Tim Walton's talk entitled “The Working Relationship Between Coaches and Hitter”.

Moving from hitting to defense Lisa Iancin talks about “Momentum” in her article she talks about fielding momentum and the seconds you have to react to a hit ball.

Ever heard a coach tell your players they have to visualize the team winning the game? Aaron Weintraub shares insight into Imagery in his article “Begin with the End in Mind”. Aaron shares the use of imagery and its importance in the performance of an athlete.

Every parent and coach alike has seen a parent behave in a way that makes them cringe. This month Marc O'Dagenais' focuses on “Identifying Problem Parents” As a coach you will need to be able to deal with these problems before they start to get out of hand. Marc shares ways of identifying and dealing with problem parents.

In the early 80's Travel Ball was not that common. However now there are multiple travel ball teams in just about every city. Robb Behymer's article shares his memories and thoughts on “Travel Ball”.

Dr. Sherry Werner talks about the “Important of the Trunk/Core in Pitching”. We find out that the trunk/core muscles are just as important to a pitch as the legs and arm motion. You will want to share this article with your pitchers.

As much as a pitcher needs good mechanics and speed, they also need to depend on their catcher to do their job effectively. Bryan Ingalls talks about “Throwing from your Knees vs Throwing Standing up”. Throwing a runner out is not all about having a great arm. If it takes you an extra couple tenths to get the ball out of your glove and load up, what does it really matter if you throw a tenth of a second faster? As a catcher your goal is to get the ball out of your glove and out of your hand accurately to second base whatever way possible. Bryan shares his thoughts and feelings on a catcher's ability to throw from their knees or standing.

This month Coach Dalton Ruer takes a break from writing to players. Instead he focuses on communicating with coaches in “The Glass is Neither Half-Full nor Half-Empty”.

It's not Wayne's World, it is “Watley's World”! This month Natasha shares her thoughts on the NFCA Convention. You won't want to miss her article on “YIPs”. Don't know what a YIP is? Check out Natasha's article and she will explain.

This month Jen Croneberger talks about the work you do during the off season and imparting all your new wisdom to players like “giving them a drink with a fire hose”. Jen advises “sometimes you just have to trust that they get it”, this article will help you make a smooth transition into your season.

Bill Plummer provides us info on The National Fastpitch Coaches Association”. This year the NFCA convention saw record number of attendees and vendors. He shares NFCA's mission and goals for the sport of Fastpitch Softball.

As many of you have probably heard or read on the internet, there was a controversy in West Covina, California where the Minors Gold played the California Cruisers. Mitch Alexander shares “An Open Letter to Umpires and Parents” regarding this inexcusable behavior.

Carly Schonberg she talks about “Overcoming Overthrowing”. What does “overthrowing” mean? In pitching overthrowing usually refers to robbing yourself of speed by inappropriately attempting to get more speed. Carly shares the concept of relaxing muscles instead of clenching muscles in order to increase pitching or running speed.

Many players may be heading into the final season of their high school career and are thinking about ways to get themselves noticed by college coaches. Stacie Mahoe talks about “3 More Ways to Raise Your Recruit-ability”. You don't want to miss this article!

All this and more are in this month issue.

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