Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 40

Fastpitch Magazine Softball Issue 40 by Fastpitch.TV

Issue 40 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Featured videos from the NFCA National Convention Dec 4th – 6th in Atlanta, GA. Hall of Fame inductee videos of Jo Evans, Clint Myers, and Anita Kubicka. Plus more Fastpitch Softball articles to help improve your game.

Welcome to the December issue 40 of the Fastpitch Magazine. The Fastpitch magazine has been bringing you more fastpitch softball than anyone on the planet for over two full years.

This month Mitch Alexander writes about his section, Fastpitch Academy, “10 Holiday Gift Ideas”

Bill Plummer writes in his column, The View From Here, “Expectations Are A Common Threat”.

Aaron Weintraub’s column, Bridging The Gap, has his article “Supportive Parents are Pure Gold”.

Jen Cronebeger conveys, These Five Words Are Mine, in her article “One Percent Doubt, You're Out”.

Michelle Diltz is bringing focus in her section, School of Strength, with her article “All for One, and One for All!″.

Keri Casas is writing in, To Coach or Not to Coach, her article “Making the Cut”.

Shannon McDougall is back with an article on Planning For Success, entitled “Softball Success Through The Holidays”.

Featuring a Drill of the Month, this one comes from my book on Hitting Drills “The Chalk – Pitching Drill”.

As well as my 10 Questions interview with Jennifer McFalls, Olympic Gold Medalist Team USA Utility (2000) ISF World Champion (1998).

All this and more in this months issue.

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