Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 1

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 1

Issue 1 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

In issue one of Fastpitch Magazine Bill Plummer takes you through the journey of women’s college softball and how Oklahoma City has established itself as “the place for college softball”. We will then move you right into the meat of what our magazine is all about.

In this issue we interview Olympians Jennie Finch and Jessica Mendoza. In our video interview with Jennie Finch she talks about her softball career from childhood to playing with the NPF. Each issue will also feature a Fastpitch softball drill of the month, in this issue Monti VanBrunt gives coaches a tee drill that focuses on batter reaction time. Matt Meinrod then gives parents and players important information about supplements that may be helpful to softball players.

We also visit with two-time Olympian Jessica Mendoza, we sat down with her for some Q&A about her softball beginnings and what her greatest obstacle was throughout her playing/coaching career. You can visit Cat’s Corner where two-time Olympian Cat Osterman talks about how passion can win against talent. Jennie Ritter takes us through the ins and outs of college recruiting to help players open a line of communication with coaches as early as eighth grade.

Every issue of Fastpitch Magazine we pose a question to a panel of coaches, this issue we tackle “how to motivate your team after a loss”. Fastpitch Magazine is intended to be a serious coaching tool so in this issue we talk to coaches about “puppet players”. Every team has a player that does exactly what the coach says and nothing more. Mitch Alexander gives coaches guidance in cutting the strings on these types of players.

Every athlete at some point in their softball career dreams of making a dive for the final out and the win. In this issue Coach Dalton teaches players step by step how to dive with confidence, safely and without injury.

As each season comes to a close coaches find themselves asking “Why do we coach?” Marc Dagenais breaks down why coaches come back year after year and the thrill of teaching the sport of fastpitch softball. Confidence is a major factor in the success of any athlete, as is mental toughness. Aaron Weintraub talks about how a player gains mental toughness and how performance is comprised of physical and mental skills.

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