Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 10

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 10

Issue 10 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am excited to bring you an exclusive Base Running Clinic with former Olympian Leah O'Brien Amico! Leah talks about how to get a good hard first step, and to push off the ground hard. Leah also answers our Q and A questions, and shares how she gets ready for a game, what she likes to do when she is not involved with softball and how much value she places on mental training. We also sit down with Leah for an in depth interview where she shares about her years of playing softball, and now her experience as a coach.

Bill Plummer gives us some history about the WCWS, and how it actually started in 1969 not 1982.

Players, has the outside pitch been haunting you? Charity Butler teaches simple skills that will allow you to drive outside pitches with authority to the opposite field.

Do you talk to yourself? As a player you are your most important coach. Each athlete has two roles: coach, and athlete. Aaron Weintraub explains how to do both effectively.

Our Fastpitch Drill of the Month comes from Olympian Leah O'Brien Amico. The drill talks to all first basemen. It will teach you how to react quickly to balls thrown to first base by infielders, and become confident in fielding bad throws.

Natasha Watley then shares how slappers need to take advantage of every advantage and how to realize what those are.

Ever been caught in a run-down? There always seems to be some confusion during these plays. Lisa Iancin teaches players and coaches how to take charge of the rundown. This is a must read.

We then join Coach Marc Degenais for part three of “Parents, Kids and Coaches” and shares the relationships of each role.

We swing away in this month's “SWAG 101” as Rob Crews asks, is teaching the swing an exact science or a creative masterpiece. Is it a players swing or their defense that determines success?

Stacie Mahoe talks about finding success in the little things and why they matter in her article “Fastpitch from the Heart”.

Every coach, player and parent has been witness to unsportsmanlike conduct. Mitch Alexander talks about sportsmanship, and how every coach should be the example for his team and their parents and the best way to address bad conduct from opposing teams.

Our question of the month asks “If you have ever attended the WCWS, what were your thoughts about the event?” If you have never had the opportunity to attend this series of games we give you a little insight into this event which drew 80,000 visitors this year.

Coach Dalton Ruer has taught you how to dive for balls that are directly in front of you, well in this issue Coach Dalton kicks it up a notch and gives you the tools to dive safely for a ball that is to your side.

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