Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 11

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 11

Issue 11 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 11 is once again packed with information for the serious fastpitch softball player. We visit Cat’s Corner and two-time Olympian Cat Osterman shares what it was like to sit in the stands during the Women’s College World Series supporting her beloved Longhorns. We have extensive coverage and information from the WCWS throughout this issue. Coach Dalton joins us to talk about the amazing games played by every team throughout the WCWS and the games leading up to the championship showdown. Coach Dalton shares his take on the need to elevate recreation fastpitch softball as well as tournament play to better prepare softball players for the type of fighting it took to win a game. Jon Nachtigal provides us with some cold hard stats and shows how hitting ruled the games during the 2013 WCWS.

Charity Butler draws on the performance of the OU offense during the 2013 Women’s College World Series Championship game against Tennessee. Charity attributes a solid understanding of hitting counts and the importance of striving to produce good at-bats. Bill Plummer talks about the “quartet” (Keilani Ricketts, Jessica Shults, Michelle Gasciogne and Brianna Turang) that led OU through their phenomenal season. These four certainly left their imprint on the team but without the understanding and team work that came from each and every player and their level of commitment to their team, coaches and themselves they certainly would not have been as successful as they were.

Mitch Alexander breaks down everyone’s necessary level of commitment from players, coaches and even parents. We also visit with former Arizona pitcher Taryne Mowatt provides us insight into her softball career from playing t-ball when she was 4 to winning the National Championship while playing for the Arizona Wildcats.

This issues’ “Fastpitch Drill of the Month” comes from Bobby Simpson. The objective is to get players to improve their skill for making various throws quickly and accurately all while making a correct decision as to which throw is best for the situation.

Coaches are not only faced with teaching their players the game but they must also know how to work with parents. Coach Marc Dagenais discusses in detail the various types of sports parents, look for part 2 next month on how each of these types of parents can be dealt with.

Coach Patty Gasso is one of the most sought after softball coaches to interview, we caught up with her for an interview and had a chance to talk about how her first coaching job at 19 years old was for a JV basketball team. She shared with me the challenges of coaching her first softball team at the age of 22. We are also providing exclusive content from Patty Gasso’s speech at the FCA breakfast.

We all have witnessed a dropped ball between two outfielders and wonder why that happened? Lisa Lancin “Li” explains the importance of “The Priority Position” and how when an agreement is made of who should be fielding the various zones of the field there is no hesitation during actual play.

There are a couple questions Stacie Mahoe gets asked on a regular basis. One is what to do about a coach that does not push their daughter to perform at her best. The other is how to get a player that has become afraid of being hit by a pitch to be aggressive in the batter’s box. Stacie provides great advice for each of these situations.

Aaron Weintraub talks “Aggressiveness” and explains how it is not a right to ignore the need for intelligence and self-control. Like any skill, the mental skill of aggressiveness can be practiced, according to Aaron. Fastpitch Magazine question of the month, “What are your thoughts on college showcase tournaments?” overall they are viewed as a positive experience for players that can get in to these tournaments and the win or lose factor is replaced with the desire to get noticed by a college coach.

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