Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 13

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 13

Issue 13 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month's issue of Fastpitch Magazine, which is now available on not only your iPad but also on your iPhone, and iPod Touch.

We are thrilled to have Carly Schonberg and Jen Croneberger to our list of distinguished contributors.

We start things off with Mitch Alexander's “Softball Academy” where he takes us through the ins and outs of the mayhem of Summer Tryouts. With so many players working and wanting coveted spots on the best teams in their area.

Bill Plummer talks about how professional athletes lost their perspective on their sport by wanting it all at all costs.

Carly Schonberg has joined our elite group of contributors and this month she brings us information on something every pitcher wants… more speed! In her article “The Essential Equation for Maximum Pitching Velocity” she explains that it takes more than solid pitching mechanics to achieve top speed.

Coach Dalton has taught us how to dive and get dirty making plays, but this month he explains how players can “get dirty” without physically getting dirt on their pants. Players that ‘roll up their sleeves' so to speak and lay down a sacrifice bunt so a teammate can score the winning run.

This month's “Question of the Month” we asked our audience what their thoughts were on Fastpitch Softball and the Olympics. We loved hearing from everyone and almost everyone felt that the game should be added back to the Olympics.

We then provide Charity Butler's article “Developing Exceptional Bat Speed” in her monthly section of “Quit Batting, Start Hitting”. Most hitter have the potential to increase their bat speed, but as Charity explains, quick hands are counter-intuitive and that hitters typically attempt to swing harder instead of smarter.

In previous issues Coach Marc Dagenais has talked to us about the role of “Parents, Kids and Coaches”. He gives us part three of this series and explains each participant's role on and off the field.

This month's Fastpitch Drill of the Month is brought to you this month by Sherry Werner, PhD. The objective of this drill is for a hitter to create resistance on the front side so that the hands can move quickly to the ball and how the same applies to pitching.

Lisa Iancin asks the question, have you ever felt at one with something that you are really good at. This mastery comes on a softball field when a player has become one with their glove. Join Lisa as she talks about “Synchronicity”.

In this month's Bridging the Gap Between Potential & Performance we join Aaron Weintraub as he talks about “The Greatest Feeling in the World: Peak Performance”.

We welcome another new contributor Jen Croneberger to this month's issue. In “These Five Word Are Mine” Jen shares her favorite quote that she has long lived by. She also teaches your athletes how to never take the long walk of regret off the field. Join us for this great article by Jen Croneberger.

Stacie Mahoe provides coaches with three smart notes to help manage and train their teams. Rob Crews also provides information to coaches and maybe even parents of players that are heading to college. Don't miss Rob's advice to college bound players.

Bryan Ingalls continues his series on the pitcher/catcher relationship by looking at making sight adjustments mid-game. Bryan explains the importance of sight adjustments and why he is a firm believer in perfecting this ability.

Ever heard of I Heart Fastpitch? This organization collects old and unused equipment to be dispersed to players in need both nationally and internationally. Their goal is to promote the game and hopefully prepare the way for its re-entry into the Olympics.

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