Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 14

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 14

Issue 14 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month's issue of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine, which is now available on not only your iPad but also on your iPhone, and iPod Touch.

I am thrilled to add Sherry Werner to my list of distinguished contributors.

This months Fastpitch Magazine issue has more information, more drills and more game strategies than any other issue.

We first join Rob Crews for his “SWAG 101”. Rob shows coaches how to evaluate hitters to develop a game plan that will maximize each player’s assets.

Everyone knows who Laura Berg is but we had the privilege of meeting up with Laura for this month’s Q and A.

A hard aspect of the game for most players is the mental toughness. In “Bridging the Gap Between Potential & Performance” Aaron Weintraub describes the difference between trying hard, and giving your best effort.

We have provided an exclusive video clinic for catchers that was given at SoftballCon by University of Louisville Assistant Coach Courtney Scott.

Dr. Sherry Werner talks about “The Science of Pitching” and the “Windmill Wisdom”. All you pitchers and coaches out there won’t want to miss this article. We also provide pitchers an article explaining “Why all Windmill Pitchers Need to Strengthen their Legs” in Carly Schonberg’s “Fastpitch Power”!

Any avid softball fan or player has no doubt been following the efforts by so many to have softball reinstated into future Olympic programs. I am sure you all have heard the news by that softball was denied by the IOC. In “Watley’s World” Natasha Watley talks about what is next for the sport and how support and some hard work could once again see softball played on an international level. Mitch Alexander also talks about where the sport of softball goes now that Olympic dreams are gone for the 2020 games. Bill Plummer also talks about Olympic Softball in his article “The View From Here”, Bill explains why there is a need for an international federation organization to govern softball.

Cat Osterman is another name that is very well known we join Cat in “Cat’s Corner” as she shares her thoughts on retirement.

Our “Question of the Month” asks coaches “What is Your Favorite Online Tool for Softball?” If you are coach looking for tools to help you coach more effectively check out what our Facebook fans have to say.

We are now “Getting Dirty” with Coach Dalton as he covers a topic that every player faces and must overcome several times throughout their career. . . Fear! Coach Dalton helps players work through the fear of getting hit while bunting.

The tee is one of the most useful tools for training to hit a fast pitched ball. Our Fastpitch Drill of the Month we join Crystl Bustos on How to Use a Tee to Train!

Moving on to a different version of hitting we join “Quit Batting Start Hitting” with Charity Butler we learn if a player should learn to slap.

We join Lisa Iancin “Li” for Game Speed Defense where Lisa breaks down “The Certainties Behind the Uncertain First and Third Play”.

It is hard for coaches to not feel some regret over a decision they made at some point. However, as Stacie Mahoe points out in “Fastpitch from the Heart” that “When You put your Team First, You have Fewer Coaching Regrets”.

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