Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 15

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 15

Issue 15 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Welcome to issue 15 of the Fastpitch Magazine, we start things off in our “Catcher’s Zone” with Bryan Ingalls. Bryan helps catcher keep their focus and explains why it is so important for a catcher to keep a clear mind as well as the importance of communicating with their pitcher.

Lisa Iancin talks about “Covering the Green” in Game Speed Defense. Lisa shares her take on the responsibility of an outfielder. Outfielders are the last defense and have a view of the entire infield. She also reassures outfielders that they are just as much a part of the game as an infielder.

In this issue of “Softball Academy” Mitch Alexander shares his experience with a training tool called the “Sling Pitcher” in his article “Collected Data Proves Value of Training Tool”.

We then sit down with former Olympian Christie Ambrosi as she answers our questions about her career and personal influences.

In Bill Plummer’s “The View From Here” he talks about college teams that are “Playing Fall Softball?” He shares the benefits for teams that participate in fall softball programs from working out problems to new player evaluations.

Our “Fastpitch Drill of the Month” is the “Blind Tee Drill” which works to increase a batters concentration and test their muscle memory.

This month Sherry Werner, PHD talks about how critical footwork is in her article “Windmill Wisdom”. Dr. Werner also provides tips for young pitchers on how they should approach their stance on the pitching mound.

Our Fastpitch App of the Month is the NFCA Softball Recruiting, powered by NCSA. This app helps recruiters manage their recruiting on the go.

In “Getting Dirty” with Coach Dalton he is going to teach you how to get a base hit on a bunt. We then join Charity Butler for “Hot Hitting Topic: Linear vs Rotational Hitting”. Charity talks to hitters and their protection of their swing and how all hitters must share the same fundamentals.

As coaches you all are witness to the varying personalities of your players. In “SWAG 101” Rob Crews talks about “In-Game Personalities” We have provided coaches with a great book this month, the Coach’s Guide to Game-Winning Softball Dirlls – Developing the Essential Skills in Every Player. This book was written by two-time Olympic Gold medalist and Hall of Fame pitcher Michele Smith.

We join Coach Marc Degenais for Part 4 “Types of Sports Parents” as he continues to help coaches work and deal with different parent personalities.

Our question of the month this issue is – “What are your thoughts on the ITB (International Tie Breaker)? See how our audience weighed in on this month’s question.
We then join Jen Croneberger for “These Five Words Are Mine” as she talks to coaches about “Motivation Versus Inspiration. Defining Moments”.

In this month’s Bridging the Gap Between Potential & Performance, Aaron Weintraub talks about working smarter to improve faster and how discipline is a necessity.

All this and more are in this month issue.

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