Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 2

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 1Fastpitch Magazine Issue 2

Issue 2 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

In issue two of Fastpitch Magazine Bill Plummer takes us inside the fight to get softball/baseball reinstated into the 2020 Olympic Games.

Alson this issue we interview three time Olympian Leah O’brien Amico about her softball career from childhood to present day. Each issue will also feature a Fastpitch softball drill of the month, in this issue Stacie Mahoe talks about successful bunting. This drills allows every team member to work on their squeeze, sacrifice, quick or push bunt. Matt Meinrod then gives parents and player’s important information about healthy food choices and how athletes are often times prone to eating unhealthier than a non-athlete.

In Cat’s Corner, two-time Olympian Cat Osterman discusses “Pitching 101”. Cat breaks down the necessities to being a great pitcher. A lot of coaches out there coach their own kid on their team. In this issue Jennie Ritter talks about the pitfalls of coaching your daughter and how it could be a disadvantage when talking with college coaches.

Every issue of Fastpitch Magazine we pose a question, this issue we ask what their thoughts are on college exposure tournaments.

Mitch Alexander then gives us an overview of what youth softball goals should be. He breaks down how the goals of each program from community/intramural play to travel or club ball are different. We talk with Coach Dalton again about diving. In this issue he teaches how to add movement to your diving.

Coach Marc Dagenais and Aaron Weintraub both focus on mental preparedness in the game of softball. Coach Marc talks about how vision fitness, sports psychology as well as sports intelligence and brain fitness will become the next avenue of training growth. Aaron Weintraub talks to us about how softball achievements are fun but so are setbacks. With success comes failure, with winning comes losing all of this is the process an athlete must go through to find out how good she can be.

As Charity Butler explains, anyone can step in the white chalk box and become a batter. However, only top tier players earn the title “hitter”. Charity provides you with practical tips, tricks and advice that will help batters become real hitters. To wrap up this issue and continue the focus on improvements in hitting, Rob Crews gives us insight into the sequence of the “Fantastic Four” and how to understand the cognitive process of hitting.

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