Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 3

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 3


Issue 3 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Fastpitch magazine is growing thanks to our subscribers! We cover a lot of fastpitch softball information this month so let’s get right to it. It is a question that every beginning pitcher, and parent asks at some point. What are the 3 most important pitches a young pitcher should work on developing? Jennie Ritter breaks down body position and wrist movement for these three pitches.

We visit with former Olympian Tairia Flowers, and Former Arizona Pitcher Taryne Mowatt about their softball careers from playing as a child to present day. Tairia talks about the Olympics and her current coaching position while Taryne gives us insight into what influenced her throughout her career.

Parents are willing to invest thousands of dollars on various clinics and camps trying to ensure their daughter is noticed by a college coach. Bill Plummer gives some hard words of wisdom to parents on the reality of playing pro fastpitch softball.

There is a common misconception out there about the nutrition of elite athletes. The belief is that because they are athletes they know how to fuel their body and make wise choices. The opposite is usually true. Matt Meinrod talk “The Truth” about how athletes on the go can provide better fuel for their bodies.

This month’s fastpitch drill comes from Olympian Christie Ambrosi. Christie gives us a great drill that will allow teams to work on base running, pick offs and first base action.

As parents or coaches you all have competed against a team that seems to operate flawlessly on the field and off. This month’s question covers “What makes a great coach?” We hear from India Chiles of the University of Tennessee/NPF Akron Racers. We continue talking with Rob Crews about the 21st century hitting model. In our last issue Rob talked about the cognitive process, in this issue he talks about separation and balance.

Claims have been made that sports help develop leadership skills. Mitch Alexander explains how athletics help kids perform better in academics. Coach Dalton continues his instruction on safe base diving, this month he teaches how to solve the problem of diving too short or diving too close to the base.

We then switch our focus to hitting with Charity Butler. Charity talks about how a hitter’s hands should move like an airplane in flight. Aaron Weintraub takes us right into learning a three step process to learning how to relax during a game. Now that your muscles are relaxed, we are going to close out this issue talking with Coach Marc Dagenais about strength training basics for softball players.

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