Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 5

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 5

Issue 5 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

A new fastpitch softball season will be starting soon and Fastpitch Magazine will be here to provide in-depth information on everything from how to prepare yourself mentally for games to skill drills that will help you take your game to the next level.

Two-time Olympian Cat Osterman tells us “Winning Isn’t Everything but it Matters” in this month’s Cat’s Corner. Gone are the days where teams receive trophies, past the age of 15 it is all about exposure and players seem to lose their competitive edge. Cat gives coaches ways to spark their players’ competitiveness.

In order for a player to perform competitively takes a lot of courage. Aaron Weintraub shares how courage is the strength of will to do what is difficult and how it applies to sports.

Coach Marc Dagenais takes your game to the next level with his “Throw Harder: Overload/Underload Throwing Protocol”. Coach Marc’s objective with this drill is to increase throwing velocity and this protocol has been scientifically proven to be very effective to increase both throwing and pitching velocity.

Many young fastpitch softball players watch college softball games either in person or via television. They see player after player take a running start while batting. This technique is known as “slapping” and Coach Dalton Ruer continue his three part series in teaching the art of slap hitting.

We were so fortunate to be able to bring you and interview with Coach Patty Gasso. We talked with Coach Gasso about the 2012 WCWS, her family and her life.

Now that the New Year is here everyone has made their resolutions and fastpitch softball players are beginning to think about the upcoming spring season. Staci Mahoe gives us five reasons you don’t want to skip preseason conditioning.

Our “Fastpitch Drill of the Month” is brought to you by Bobby Simpson, its objective is to get players to improve their skill for making various throws quickly and accurately, as well as making correct decisions as to which throw is best for a specific situation. This is a great drill to add to your practices this season.

Mitch Alexander shows coaches ways to hold their very own Softball Academy during the off season to better prepare their players for the upcoming season. SWAG 101 is back and Rob Crews continues his series on 21st century hitting with “The Speed of Thought”. Rob takes a look at what makes a good hitter and how sometimes it is not as simple as using the proper technique. Some hitters have great technique but make poor decisions because their brains cannot properly process and project time to collision fast enough for higher levels of play. In our last issue Rob talked about separation but in this issue he talks about the marriage and staying connected.

As most coaches of higher level softball teams know focus is a large part of success. Charity Butler tells us that “Activity Does Not Equal Productivity”. Charity provides coaches and players with great information on how to be more productive while hitting and how to release all their energy at the correct time.

Matt Meinrod then provides us with information for an off-season diet. With the extra free time in the off-season, coupled with team strength and conditioning programs, there are several ways a fastpitch softball player can hit a home run or strike out on her meal plan.

Bill Plummer gives an overview of the 2012 college season and the 2012 WCWS then looks ahead to the 2013 college teams.

Then we jump right in to our question of the month “Should 14 year olds wear metal cleats?”. We had a great amount of response to this question. There are those that feel if they are going to wear them in high school they should wear them at 14 as well. There is some debate as to their benefit, and the concern we heard the most was that metal cleats can cause injury if the player has not had proper slide training.

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