Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 6

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 6

Issue 6 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Fastpitch Magazine is now in its sixth issue and our list of distinguished writers keeps growing. We start things off talking with Lisa Lancin on “Game Speed Defense”. This months she asks When Does Fastpitch Happen? Each season the game of fastpitch softball seems to get quicker and quicker. As teams incorporate training programs of maximum strength and conditioning base hits are rocketing through the infield while base-runners are down the line in 2.8 seconds. Lisa explains that teams that possess solid game speed defense are proactive and have an attitude to manipulate the course of the game in their favor.

A lot of competitive softball players want to reach the next level and become an elite player. Coach Marc Dagenais gives a breakdown of characteristics you will need to develop the most in order to reach an elite level.

College softball season is upon us and Bill Plummer takes us through the inner workings of and a little history of the NCAA Regional and Super Regionals as well as the broadcast schedule so you won’t miss a game.

We are very excited to bring our subscribers an exclusive pitching clinic by Bill Hillhouse. In this video Coach Hillhouse speak on the proper mechanics of a fastpitch softball pitcher. You won’t want to miss this amazing clinic from SoftballCon. For all you slap hitters out there Coach Dalton continues his series on slapping. Coach Dalton has taking us through the footwork, the concept of soft hands and fast feet. This month he will conclude his series on the art of slapping by focusing on actually slapping the ball.

We are pleased to add “Coaches Corner” with Derrick Brown. This month Derrick focuses on “How to Select a Pitching Coach”. Choosing a pitching coach can be a very difficult and stressful process for a parent. Every parent wants the best for their daughter, but there are certain things every parent should consider.
In Bridging the Gap Between Potential & Performance, Aaron Weintraub shares how attitudes are contagious and a choice and the importance of keeping your positive.

Stacie Mahoe thens asks the question, “Where do you Learn and Grow Most? Strengths or Weaknesses? As coaches and parents we strive to help players become the best they can be. Stacie tackles the topic of working on a players weaknesses instead of training only where they excel.

In this issue of Cat’s Corner, two-time Olympian Cat Osterman shares how the best asset for an athlete isn’t talent. It’s not strength. It’s something you can physically measure. It’s the desire to learn and the ability to have an open mind. We are welcoming Christine Summers to Fastpitch Magazine. Christine gives coaches and parents a speed drill for pitchers in this month’s Fastpitch Drill of the Month.

Mitch Alexander talks about the difference between parent-coached teams and paid coach teams and the benefits and draw backs to both. We sat down with two-time pro softball player Megan Jo Willis as she answers a myriad of questions from how old she was when she started playing softball to what influenced her to become the player she is today?

Charity Butler talks to coaches about cultivating players that can give their peak performance without depending on constant instruction in this month’s “Quit Batting, Start Hitting”. Players are willing to take ownership of their performance journey and will hold themselves accountable.

Our question of the month touches on a pretty serious topic. Should face guards be required for all corner infielders and pitchers or even all infielders?

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