Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 7

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 7

Issue 7 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Stacie Mahoe takes us straight to the heart of “Want vs Do” and how to make sure what you want lines up with what you do.

This issue brings you an exclusive video with Olympic Champion Natasha Watley. Natasha gave a session at SoftballCon about becoming a champion for the perspective of the athlete. Natasha also takes some extra time to answer this month's Q&A, she shares everything from when she started playing softball to how much value she places on mental training.

As another season of recreational softball is about to begin Mitch Alexander reminds coaches to ask themselves why they coach and what rec ball is all about. Read how some rec ball programs start out with the best of intentions but somehow the parents will make demands that tarnish the purity of the basic concepts of rec ball.

Then we are going to be “Getting Dirty” with Coach Dalton as he breaks down how to get your runner on first safely to second and allow your runner on third to score!

We join Rob Crews once again in this issue to continue his 21st Century Hitting Model. Part five covers the four important points of deciding to swing.

Sometimes players just don't have access to any equipment to do a workout. Coach Marc Deganais show us how we can use our body weight for an effective workout.

In this month's “Quit Batting Start Hitting” section, Charity Butler talks about Superstitions. It seems all the successful players have them but are they silly or rational routines? What happens when change is necessary?

Aaron Weintraub talks about the why most of us don't like change even if it is for the better.

We are excited to introduce Bryan Ingalls “Catcher's Zone”! Bryan shares with us the importance of not only developing a pitcher and that it is a must to develop a catcher. As well as how it is very important to nurture that relationship.

Every coach and parent has seen it, the batter is up to bat and they watch the pitch go by without a swing. In this month's “Fastpitch Drill of the Month” J. D. Bancroft teach the “Spray Drill” to teach hitters how to recognize inside and outside pitches.

Coaches, do you know how to recognize “Difference Makers”? Bill Plummer gives player examples and shows you how to recognize players that will make a difference in your program.

In “Game Speed Defense” Lisa Iancin talks about turning a double play. Teams that know how to turn double plays are the teams that understand the concept of Game Speed Defense. Lisa helps breakdown how you can prepare your team to make those double plays.

Our question of the month this issue is “How do you handle coaches that won't take advice?” The answers pretty much all come back to communication. Read what our readers has to say on this subject. It is one I am sure we have all experienced.

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