Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 8

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 8

Issue 8 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

Working hard is nothing new to any successful softball player, however in Cat’s Corner, two-time Olympian Cat Osterman explains how an exceptional work ethic is a necessity.

Overall athletic performance of a softball player can be greatly improved with a combination of elasticity and core training. Barry Lovelace shares with us the basics of this training method.

Cat also answers our Q&A and gives us a little background on her career and inspirations. We also have exclusive coverage of Cat Osterman’s induction into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

Confidence level correlates highly with performance level and Aaron Weintraub tells us that confidence comes from preparation, self-esteem and one other significant factor in “Bridging the Gap Between Potential & Performance”.

We then hear from Charity Butler on in-season adjustments versus off-season training.
In any sport parents, kids and coaches all have specific roles.

Coach Marc Dagenais breaks down each role and their importance for the other to succeed.

In this month’s “The View From Here” Bill Plummer shares some softball record stats for players such as Lisa Fernandez, Laura Chamberlain and Judi Garman just to name a few.

Staci Mahoe poses the question to players “Are your everyday habits limiting your performance?” Softball players dedicate a good chunk of time and effort improving their skills. However, many have regular habits that may be holding back their performance.

If you have been following Mitch Alexander’s column you know that his area of focus is youth sports. In this month’s “Softball Academy” Mitch discusses coaching certification and provides a wealth of information to help you be the best coach you can be.

Lisa Lancin shares the excitement of throwing on the run and racing the batted-runner to first base. An important aspect of being able to run hard on defense is to build momentum in each step but not crash in too hard too soon. Lisa give an in depth look into the process of Game Speed Defense.

Do you know the difference between obstruction and interference and how your league handles these issues? Coach Dalton explains the difference and what is a common call for an umpire.

What makes a hitter a “power hitter”? Rob Crews give a breakdown of the three reasons why just about everyone in softball should or could be a power hitter.

Bryan Ingalls continues with part 2 of the importance of the pitcher/catcher relationship and the importance of communication.

Our fastpitch drill of the month helps train catchers to get the ball out of their glove quickly and make the throw.

We are pleased to bring you an interview featuring Olympian Cat Osterman from the Triple Threat Softball Camp.

Our question of the month asks “What kind of job is television doing broadcasting softball?” Our fans clearly want to see more softball coverage.

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