Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 9

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 9

Issue 9 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

We jump right into this issue talking SWAG 101 with Rob Crews. In this issue Rob talks about hitters making the transition from high school to college.

While there is always a certain amount of fear in making the high school to college transition we hear from Coach Dalton Ruer on a different kind of fear. This fear keeps you from making that dive during a critical moment in a game. Coach Dalton gives players advice on how to break through this fear and perform at your peak.

Our Q & A this month is with former pro player India Chiles. India shares with us her softball beginnings, how she got ready for a game and what she feels has influenced her the most to become the player she is today. India also provides this month's Fastpitch Drill of the Month in which she provides a drill that teaches communication and aggressive defense in the outfield.

Charity Butler joins us in recurring column “Quit Batting Start Hitting” and this month she gives some great direction for “Hitting in Post-Season Play”, you won't want to miss this article.

In Mitch Alexander's “Softball Academy” he covers the topic of “Youth Windmill Pitching Strategies”. Mitch gives information about how to protect young pitchers from injury and what pitches they should focus on for their level of growth.

We have even more information for pitchers! Barry Lovelace has a fantastic column “For the Love of Pitching” and in this issue Barry breaks down his approach to creating athletic power.

In this issue's question of the month we asked what your thoughts are on the National Pro Fastpitch League. We received several responses to this question with varying opinions.

In Bill Plummer's “The View from Here” he talks about the 2013 World Series, what teams will be represented and who will end up with the coveted championship.

We all hear a lot about power hitters, aggressive defense and focused pitching. But how do all these players strength come together on game day to pull off a win? Well, Aaron Weintraub shares with us the importance of being a TEAM!

In Bryan Ingalls “Catcher's Zone” we are in part three of his series on the pitcher/catcher relationship. This column covers how to win the mental game versus the hitter.

This month we have a special message for all the benchwarmers out there. Stacie Mahoe shows how important non-starters are to the success of their team.

Lisa Iancin rejoins us this issue with her column “Game Speed Defense” and this month she gives us a look at how to successfully throw behind the runner but warns that in order for this to be successful you have to be quick and you must be able to read the runner's body movement.

We are thrilled to welcome Olympian Natasha Watley to our line up of contributors to Fastpitch Magazine. Natasha starts us off with a great article on slapping. According to Natasha slapping is definitely a skill that has taken years for her to piece together and she is still learning. She also give 10 great tips for slapping and being a triple threat!

In “Take Your Game to the Next Level” with Coach Marc Dagenais he continues with part two of “Parents, Kids and Coaches; Their Role in Sports”. He provides tips on how to get parents on your side as well as for getting parents to join the team along with their kids.

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