Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issue 18

Fastpitch Magazine Issue 18

Issue 18 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month's issue of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine, which is now available on not only your iPad but also on your iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Welcome to issue 18 of the Fastpitch Magazine. We jump right in with “Windmill Wisdom” by Sherry Werner PhD. Dr. Werner has talked about footwork and the legs, hips and trunk for pitchers, in this month's issue she is talking about the “Arm Motion”.

This month we are thrilled to have Robb Behymer join our group of contributors. In this issue Robb talks about the Recruitment Season in his article “Travel Ball Nation”. If you are a travel ball player, parent or coach you need to read this article and find out the three things that will get an athlete recruited.

New Year's resolutions have been made and most of them involve getting in shape or are career oriented. In Watley's World, Natasha Watley shares how she looks back over her year instead of setting goals that for most become unattainable.

I have brought my fans a lot of information from the World Softball Coaches Convention and in this month's “Softball Academy” Mitch Alexander shares his take on the convention. Mitch shares information from the various lecture's by Coach Edwards, Hofstra University's head coach.

Every player has faced the fear of sliding. In “Getting Dirty with Coach Dalton”, Dalton Ruer goes in depth to teach players how to slide properly without injury.

If you were to ask people if Cat Osterman has ever been cut from a team before. Their answer would probably be no way! Except, she has. Read Cat's Corner to find out how she handled it and used it to grow in the sport and as a person.

It is pre-season, teams are getting ready for the start of the spring season. In this month's “Quit Batting, Start Hitting” Charity Butler talks ‘Season Prep/; See the Ball', a guide for hitters to prepare and perfect their hitting.

The college softball season is here and Bill Plummer shares “The View from Here” with a recap of last season and what to look forward to this year.

Younger players often look to college players as motivation for their skill development. In “SWAG 101” with Rob Crews he provides three things great college hitters do well. Rob also shatters the myth that the physical side of hitting is what makes a great hitter.

In “Game-Speed-Defense” Lisa Iancin “Li” covers one of the most important aspects of successful softball players. How to handle the pressure of the game. You have done all the physical reps to train but what have you done to prepare mentally?

There is a common flaw in female pitchers' mechanics and they may not even realize it is there. Check out “Fastpitch Power” with Carly Schonberg to find out how to recognize and correct this flaw.

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