Hitting Conditioning – Hitting Drills –

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill will work all muscles involved in hitting to build maximum endurance and power in a player's swing.

Set up 5 different hitting stations along the fence behind home plate and one tee at home plate.

The hitting stations will be soft toss with basketballs, wiffle balls, front hand hitting, back hand hitting, and regular soft toss with softballs.

Split the players into two equal teams. One team will be feeding and shagging the balls and the other will be going through the stations.

The first hitter will begin with the station closes to third base. When finished with that station the next player will follow.

The hitters will go through all 5 stations and then step up to the plate to hit 1 ball of the tee, run to retrieve the ball and return it back to the bucket of balls at home plate. (Make sure to yell”BALL” before hitting to warn others that may not be paying attention)

After, return back to the stations and repeat the process.

This can be completed by time or by how many times a player can complete the stations. But the drill is to be done at a very quick pace.

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