In-Game Personalities

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In-Game Personalities

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HP1: Patient-Aggressive – the athlete that is poised and experienced enough to wait for the right opportunity and then be aggressive enough in their pursuit to make things happen.

  • Knows her strengths
  • Understands her weaknesses
  • Waits for her pitch
  • Aggressive when opportunity presents itself

HP2: Passive – the athlete that takes patience to a whole new level. This is the one who waits too long and then tries to be aggressive when it is no longer called for.

  • Takes the first 2 pitches
  • Over-Analytical
  • Unsure of one's self
  • Unable to pull the trigger
  • Not a 4th quarter or late innings player
  • Not very clutch

HP3: Over-Aggressive – the athlete that over does everything. They swing too hard. They chase change ups in the dirt on the first pitch. They always foul out of games. They take ill-advised shots from out of their range. A risk-reward type of athlete.

  • Swings at too many bad pitches
  • Bad decisions
  • Swings too hard
  • Steps up in the clutch
  • Catalyst

HP4: Self-Destructive – when you meet this person's parents you will know why they are the way they are.

  • Negative Self-talk
  • Always finds what is wrong
  • Focus on the bad
  • Never acknowledges the good. e.g. 0-4 with 3 line drives and gets depressed

HP5: BA – the badass. Every championship team needs like 3 of these. There is no way you win a championship without at least 3! Seriously. BA's are fearless and step up in big situations. They don't care who the opponent is. In their minds, they are always better than their opponent. BA's strike out and walk back to the dugout like they just hit a HR. (see Play Like a Bitch/Boss Chapter)

  • Lives for the big moment
  • “Bring it On” Mentality
  • The one you want at the plate in the last inning
  • Fearless
  • Bullet Proof Confidence
  • The perfect amount of cockiness and humility
  • Hates to lose as opposed to loves to win
  • You want to go to war with this person
  • Plays Like a Bitch/Boss

HP6: QBA – The Quiet Badass

  • Natasha Watley, Mariano Rivera, Angela Tincher
  • Silent but deadly

The Diva Complex

“So gifted, its become his greatest asset and his absolute number one liability.” – Colin Cowherd on LeBron James (before the ring)

Let me begin by saying that athletes are not born with Diva Complexes but parents, coaches, media, etc, create them. Children become what their circumstances allow them to become. As adults, we have a choice about what we will allow. For example, if a young player strikes out and throws his bat in frustration, and as a coach you allow that, then it is your fault when they are unable to manage their emotions later in their careers. Too many coaches allow the best players on the team, to get away with things that are simply unacceptable. You are an enabler and hurting that player by fueling the fire of their immaturity. They will not be able to cope with adversity later on.

So the Diva has always been the best player on the team or the best player on the team is always the Diva. Which one is it? Didn't really have to work too hard, but still dominated. In contrast there is the grinder, the one who worked twice as hard and never realized the same success. So Michael Jordan could get cut from his high school team and develop the spirit of a grinder and Lebron James could be worshipped at 16 years old and develop that fighting spirit later in his career. Now it becomes more evident why the Pac-12 conference has 400 championships. West coast athletes are raised with the spirit of a grinder. Are East Coast athletes the most spoiled? As a parent, do I love my child less if I am tough on them? As a coach, if I kiss my best player's ass, am I really helping them? For more information on the Diva Complex, see the New York version of Alex Rodriguez or Dwight Howard.

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