Interested In Writing For The Fastpitch Magazine?

GuestWriterThe Fastpitch Magazine welcomes ideas for original editorial content from guest writers. If you’re interested to writing for the Fastpitch Magazine, follow the six easy steps below.

Step 1: Determine which view of a topic is right for you:
From a coaches point of view.
From a players point of view.
From a parents point of view.
From a fans point of view.

Step 2: Make sure you read our editorial guidelines:
Each post needs to be 100% original and cannot have been published on other websites or print publications. writers should fully disclose any and all past and present commercial relationships to companies and people mentioned in their articles.

The Fastpitch Magazine retains exclusivity of the post for 30 days after it is published. After that, writers can repost on their personal blogs with attribution to the original post. Writers should obtain The Fastpitch Magazines consent before reposting the content on a third-party site.

Each post will be edited and copy edited by The Fastpitch Magazine. Edits may be made to adhere with The Fastpitch Magazines style guidelines. We may also edit your post for length.

The Fastpitch Magazine DOES NOT accept articles are are promotions for a product, website, or company. In other words stories that are infomercials will not be accepted.

Your submission is subject to review by The Fastpitch Magazine editorial staff and does not guarantee automatic publication in The Fastpitch Magazine. By submitting your post to The Fastpitch Magazine, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to The Fastpitch Magazine editorial guidelines and grant permission for a Fastpitch Magazine editor to edit your post.

Step 3: Craft your article:
Most of our Articles are about 500 to 700 words long. The most successful articles have a light and breezy tone, but make their points quickly.

Include a short bio — between 35 to 45 words — at the bottom of the post. Your name, your organization and a recent accomplishment or two are great things to include. We’re happy to link to your website, Amazon book page or Facebook or Twitter account if you like. Just be sure to include all the necessary URLs when you turn in your post.

Step 4: E-mail your article to The Fastpitch Magazine:
Send it to

Keep in mind that due to the volume of e-mails received, it may take up to a week for you to receive a response.

Step 5: Promote and engage:
Look for the Fastpitch Magazine to promote your content using a variety of social networks and e-mail newsletters, but also feel free to promote the Fastpitch Magazine with your own network for maximum exposure. Your editor will coordinate a specific publication date with you.

Step 6: Add the Fastpitch Magazine writers seal to you site:
It is not mandatory that you add the Fastpitch Magazine writers seal, but is is a great way to let people know that you are involved in the Fastpitch Softball Community, and have something to say.

Guest writers that send in more than one great story may be asked to become a featured Writer, and submit stories on a monthly basis.

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