Fastpitch Softball Magazine issue 26

Issue 26 of The Fastpitch Magazine Published By Gary Leland

I am happy to bring you this month's issue of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine, which is now available for you Apple devices, and available for Android devices too.

Welcome to issue 26 of the Fastpitch Magazine. The Fastpitch magazine has been bringing you more fastpitch softball than anyone on the planet for two full years.

This month starts off with Sherry Werner's article “To Leap Or Not To Leap”.

Then Mitch Alexander's article is “Halloween Can Be Scarey. getting Hit By A Batted Ball Is A Nightmare.”.

Bill Plummer explains “It Takes Alot To Play Softball”.

Charity Butler writes Part one of three “Maximizing Power: Strategic Strength”.

Coach Dalton has his article “My Favorite Aspect Of The Game”.

Arron Weintraub's article is “Better Than Magic: Imagery”.

Jen Cronebeger writes “The Art Of Losing Gracefully.

Rob Cruise's article this month is “Invisible Hitting Mechanics”.

We have a new writer joining the writing staff at The Fastpitch Magazine this month. Chezare' Sievers first article is Hitting Tips & Drills for Tee Ball & Coach Pitch Girls.

The Exclusive clinic this month is from former Olympian Leah O'Brien Amico “Bunting and Slapping”.

All this and more in this months issue.

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