Jennie Finch Interviewed by Gary Leland

Jennie Finch Interview Produced By Gary Leland

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Jennie Finch talks about her softball career all the way from the beginning to the end.

Finch started playing at the age of five after growing up watching her two older brothers play baseball. All though her dad was never her team coach he was her pitching coach her whole softball career. Finch's dad created the Finch Windmill Pitcher that young softball pitchers use to help them train and strengthen their arms just as Finch did when she first starting pitching at the age of 11.

Finch later went on to play at the University of Arizona where she led her team to winning a National Championship her junior year. All though her team fell short her senior year the experience lead her to the opportunity to play for the National Team and to go on to win a gold and silver medal in the time she played with them. She had known since the age of 16 that she had wanted to be part of the National softball team and that she wanted to represent her country in the sport of softball.

Finch also played in the NPF for the Chicago bandits where she recently retired after deciding that she wanted to settle down a little more and have another child. She now has two kids Ace and Diesel and is married to former baseball player Casey Daigle. Since her retire from playing she has become more involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) where she now is on the advisory board. She also has written a book Throw Like a Girl where she talks about the good and bad and everything in between of her experience of the game.

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  • Brian224

    Thank you for the interview with my daughters favorite player. Hearing advice from someone who’s been there done that, is really important for her growth in becoming a better player and person. A new bat for the upcoming season would be nice!

  • Brian Womack

    Great interview with jennie. She is my daughters favorite player and really loved her book. I love it when she hears advice from someone other than me, she tends to take in more when somebody else gives advice. We need a new bat!

  • Your shows are always informative and helpfull. Great interview with Jennie Finch.
    Hope I can win this bat for my DD she is starting HS ball as a freshman and could use a new bat.
    Keep bringing the heat!

  • Darlenakin

    I love Jennie – what a great softball player, mother, and American!

  • Lori Castaneda

    Great episode. Such an inspiring Woman to our young ladies.

  • Chantelc15

    Is it too late to enter the contest?

  • I love Jennie Finch! She is such an amazing person and an inspiration.
    I entered the contest! Hope I win… 🙂

  • Jennie is such a inspiration to a lot of girls.  Glad you were able to interview her.  Her book sounds really interesting.
    Would love to win the contest too.  🙂

  • Bailey Kochevar

    Jennie is a great inspiration and I’ve been watching her play for years and it has helped improve my game. Thanks so much Jennie!:)

  • Kevin Mooney

    Jennie’s the BEST!!!! Thankful my daughter and I got to see her last Team USA international game (World Cup of Softball 2010) and regular season pro game (Chicago Bandits). The new Chicago Bandits stadium, the first stadium built specifically for a professional women’s sports team, is a great tribute to her, located at 27 Jennie Finch Way!!!