Jennie Finch Renews Contract With Mizuno Through 2020 Olympics

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Jennie Finch Renews Mizuno Contract to 2020 as Olympic Brand Ambassador

Jennie Finch Renews Contract With Mizuno Through 2020 Olympics

Mizuno USA, Inc. – The only sports that have been dropped from the Olympics since 1936 are baseball and softball. Both of which were voted out by the IOC Session in 2005. But a variety of sports are currently being considered for addition or reinstatement at the 2020 games, with baseball and softball at the top of the list.

Jennie Finch, understands the significance of Olympic reinstatement better than anyone. The woman described by Time Magazine in 2008 as the most famous softball player in history, is taking the situation personally, prepared to lend her voice to the cause heading into the IOC’s upcoming voting session, slated for August, 2016. Mizuno USA also understands the significance, underscored by its recent decision to extend its official relationship with the American fast pitch icon through the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Jennie Finch Renews Mizuno Contract to 2020

Photo from Mizuno Headquarters

As a Mizuno brand ambassador, Jennie will serve as a spokesman for the brand’s ongoing commitment to the sport, collaborating not only on product design and development, but also on unique platforms to drive participation and increased influence for softball with young females. The end game is to not only activate the passion of softball’s core athletes and fan base, but also heighten awareness and interest for the sport above and beyond that core over the coming years.

“Jennie is an important part of the Mizuno family, and has been for many years. Her fastpitch knowledge and comprehensive expertise of the game are second to none,” said Jim Guadagno, Director of Diamond Sports and Volleyball Promotions, Mizuno USA. “Whether through her feedback within the product-development process, or her role as an iconic brand representative, Jennie has been a contributing factor to our success in fastpitch softball.”

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Mizuno USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuno Corporation, one of the largest specialty sporting goods manufacturers in the world. Mizuno USA, Inc. manufactures and distributes golf, baseball, softball, running, and volleyball equipment, apparel, and footwear for North America. Mizuno USA, Inc. is based in Norcross, Georgia.

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