Louisville Slugger 2017 Xeno Plus

Fastpitch Bat Review

Louisville Slugger 2017 Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat

One of the necessities to being a serious Fastpitch Softball player is owning an excellent and hot bat to hit with. Typical Fastpitch Softball players feel more comfortable and confident at the plate when they swing with one of the hottest bats out there. Buying a new bat is a huge decision that takes careful consideration. Before investing time and money in a random bat, let me tell you about the 2017 Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus.

Louisville Slugger 2017 Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

The 2017 Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus design consists of a 100% composite barrel and handle. The 2-piece construction of the Xeno Plus allows you make solid and stiff contact with the ball, therefore increasing the energy transfer from the bat to the ball. Weight is distributed equally throughout the barrel. Louisville’s S1ID Barrel Technology allows the Xeno Plus to give you maximum pop off the bat on contact.

2017 Xeno Plus Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bat

Image by Louisville Slugger

The 2017 Xeno Plus is used by many high ranked colleges across the country such as Texas A&M University, Arizona State University, University of Arkansas, Ohio State University, University of North Texas and many more. Louisville Slugger is one of the most trusted, top leading brands for Fastpitch Softball. Producing gloves, catching gear, equipment bags, and much more. Above all, they are best known for their production of one of the most popular bats on the market for Fastpitch Softball, the 2017 Xeno Plus.

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