Lynk Spyder Review


A review of the Lynk Spyder Camera Mount Written By Gary Leland

I do have to admit that I do like the Lynk Spyder Camera Mount for chain link fences. This is the perfect mounting system for anyone that wants to take video of there softball, or baseball player on the field, but does not want to haul a tripod out to the fields with them.

How many times have you seen a video of a player, but that chain link fence was in the video screen? The Lynk Spyder takes care of this problem.

The Lynk Spyder camera mount is very easy to use, but I do have to admit I wish it came with instructions on how to put it together. It does come with a video link to watch, but I think an old fashioned set of instructions would of been nice to include. Then again, I may be the only person that thinks that.

The Lynk Spyder seems to work with almost any type of camera. I tried it with everything from small to big camera styles, and did not have any issues at all. It would also work with an iPhone if you have a mounting attachment for LynkSpyderLynkSpyderthe iPhone. Hopefully the manufacturer will make that an add on in the future, or a link to where you may by one.

The great thing about this camera mount is the fact that it allows you to slide the camera at any angle, this allows you to get a great view of the field without any of the fence in your screen.

The Lynk Spyder is made of stainless steel, and should be ale to take a lot of punishment.

All in all I give this product 5 out of 5 stars, and you will defiantly see me using this at some of the games I attend.

I thought the price of $50 for the GoPro Model, and $60 for the Adapter Model was a little high, but it is top quality, and I assume the price may come down as his manufacturing quantities increase.

Just as an fyi, you will need the Adapter Model for anything other than a GoPro Camera.

I think this camera mount is a great idea, and will be using it myself.

For more information or to buy the LynkSpyder go to and tell them Gary sent you.

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