Millions Getting Left Behind In League

Scott Knight

Scott Knight

Written By Scott Knight:

Very few people reading this will know who I am in our great sport of fastpitch softball. I am simply a travel ball coach that has a passion for helping kids reach their full potential. Just the same, very few people reading this will know the names of millions of softball players around the country that never reach their full potential. Most youth softball players will never receive the knowledge and training that is required to become elite softball players. There are literally millions of youth softball players in our local leagues that never have an opportunity to become elite softball players because our local leagues are not providing quality education and training for those players. I personally believe that ALL youth softball players that have the desire and the work ethic to be an elite softball player can be an elite softball player if they receive the proper guidance and training opportunities.

This article is the first of a series over the next few weeks intended to challenge, educate, and inspire the local coaches and leagues to step it up and start “manufacturing” elite softball players. Our local leagues are currently accepting registration fees and placing potential elite softball players on teams with volunteer coaches that sometimes do not know anything about softball much less how to teach it. The result is a team full of ten or more players that eventually get left behind in our sport. Multiply those ten players by the number of teams in each league and now you can understand why millions of potential elite softball players are left behind playing in our local leagues and never have an opportunity to reach their full potential and most likely do not make their local high school team.

So who is at fault that these kids are getting left behind? In my opinion it is the fault of our local leagues. Rather than collect their money and put them on a team with a coach that is not qualified to help them reach their full potential put a program together that will give every kid in your league an opportunity to get better.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing articles that will offer advice and ideas to the local leagues to help them start ensuring that ALL kids in their league have the opportunity to become elite softball players if they have the desire and the work ethic to become elite softball players. Future articles will be speaking from my own experiences and how I was able to create a successful travel ball organization through our local league players. It can be done if the local leagues will be open minded that this is about the kids reaching their full potential and not being held back in order for you to keep them behind in your league.

Please stay tuned, join in with your ideas, comments, etc… and together, I believe we can all give more kids more opportunities to become elite softball players and NO CHILD gets left behind!

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