Motivation – Dot Richardson

Dot Richardson – Motivation – Produced By Gary Leland

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While I was at the banquet following the Wounded Warriors vs the FCA Softball Team all time Olympian Dot Richardson gave a great motivational talk.

Dot Richardson begins mentioning that sports teaches people a lot of lessons to prepare for the real world. Dot has learned that sports has taught us that god has given each of us amazing gifts. With all of the challenges that has encouraged us, athletes, to persevere through all of the trials that the game of softball has thrown has brought us makes us stronger. Dot then narrates her trials and struggles with hoping to try out for the olympics and using the gifts that God has given her to succeed as an amazing fastpitch softball player. She then directs her attention directly at the athletes that are pushing themselves to overcome whatever obstacles that may come their way and never give up!

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