Movement Pitches Part 3 – Bill Hillhouse

Movement Pitches Part 3 – Bill Hillhouse – Produced By Gary Leland

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This week is the third and final part to the pitching clinic with coach Bill Hillhouse. Coach Hillhouse begins with answering questions for the fastpitch softball coaches in the audience. One coach asks how much is too much practice. Coach Hillhouse then explains that the amount of practice all depends on the player. The player has to want to practice and improve to be a better player.

Coach Hillhouse then explains to the softball coaching audience that only beginning with 3 basic pitches (Rise, Drop, and Change-Up) is the best start. Batters are taught to hit on a straight plane and trying to hit with a pitch that drops or rises is the most difficult to hit. Once the 3 basic pitches are mastered then the pitchers can work on moving those pitches side to side for a more variety of pitches to choose from.

For the coaches, Coach Hillhouse encourages them to try some of the drills and pitches themselves so that when the player has questions on how the pitch or drill should feel that coach will be able to relate to them and help them with adjusting.

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