Natasha Watley Interviewed By Gary Leland

Fastpitch Softball Olympian Natasha Watley Interview – Produced By Gary Leland

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This is another show from when I was at the NFCA Convention. On this episode I interview former Olympian Natasha Watley. To see her bio visit our website

Former Olympian Natasha Watley Began playing softball when she was five, bring home a softball flyer to her parents and said “sign me up!” She went into the sport not knowing anything about the sport and when high school came around she became an extremely competitive player and continued on to UCLA! It had always been her life long dream to go to that particular university. Her college career relationship with her coach turned into a life long friendship that has become extremely beneficial to Natasha. After college Natasha made it to the Olympics! She explains that being a part of the U.S.A Softball team had to be one of the most surreal moments in her life that she will never forget.

She contemplates her most memorable softball moments and explains that she has moments all the time that all mean something to her. She is also part of USSSA as well as the Mizuno family. Her fastpitch softball career has always been moving. She encourages all young athletes to make sure to have fun and play for the love of the game!

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  • Brian224

    Type your comment hereLove to win the contest. Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Brian Womack

    Thank you for all your hard work and providing us with these great videos. I learn something everytime I watch. Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Tcasey

    I just listened to about half of the Natasha Watley interview, and I’m sorry, but these on-on-one interrviews are really, really boring, and a big waste of time. Are they interesting? Maybe, but only a little bit. They really don’t do anything to add to a coaches base of knowledge with respect to how to teach the game better. Mainly, as I stated, they are just plain boring. It would be much more beneficial if you gave use more “how to” information. A player bio or interview is of very limited value.

    • Luckily for you it was free.

    • lizmendez0934

      Yes, luckily for you it was free. As an educated individual, I saw that the video was clearly titled “interview”. The “interview” part meaning a conversation or questioning of the person of interest. Check the title the next time you watch a video that, for YOU, may be “a big waste of time”, but to other young aspiring softball players it is a beacon that is guiding and motivating the way for those players to strive for excellence.
      Find a player with all the defensive and offensive skill that the game requires and you have a good ball player, but find a player with drive and motivation and you have an authentic athlete that any coach would love to have on their team.

  • Kevin Mooney

    Watley is AWESOME. Fastest person I’ve ever seen in person.

  • Amy Bullard

    I’m sorry the opinion of Mr. Mooney was presented so rudely. I did not find any coaching tips, however, I did find this informational. This was a great interview for young players. I don’t know what your target audience is, but I can tell you that players, particularly older players preparing for college will appreciate it more than people who are looking to become a good coach. There is more to the sporty than coaching.

    Good luck and don’t quit doing what you do. I hope your contest goes well. Great idea.