My Olympic Softball Dream

Diana Birdwell

Diana Birdwell

Written By Diana Birdwell

I have played softball ever since I was 7 years old and have not stopped playing or watching it. It has been a passion of mine ever since then and oh how I would love to play fast pitch again. My softball days left me with many memories in which I wish I could relive again. My dream in high school was to play professional softball and make it on to the USA Olympic team. My dream died as I went on to pursue other things.

If you play softball and have a strong passion for it, don’t quit. Don’t let anything stand in your way of your dreams of playing because time will slip away from you and you will have missed your chance. As you prepare for your softball future, keep your dreams alive by persevering through the good and bad days. The more you persevere the further you can go with your dreams. We let our dreams die when we lose hope and don’t push and persevere through tough times.

My Olympic softball dream was one that I hoped for but had let it slip away by pursing other things. After I turned 18 and played my last season of county league softball, I tried going to college but I ended up not attending and seeing it through. As I look back to my softball glory days, I would definitely turn back the clock and play college softball. So as I have moved on to other things, I stay connected with softball by playing in city league or church leagues. I love watching it on tv as well. I would like to see softball back in the next summer Olympics because it is a growing sport that is fun to play and fun to watch. The anticipation and intensity of the game can be very exciting. Olympic softball is the best softball to watch because of the excitement that it brings. If I had made it to the Olympics, I would be a nervous wreck. Representing my country by wearing the USA uniform would have meant so much to me. My softball days may be behind me and I may have not reached my dream but I know that perseverance is a must to see a dream come to pass.

My softball experiences are now down in history and today I write this article as a reminder to persevere through whatever comes my way. Just because I didn’t succeed in my Olympic endeavor, doesn’t mean I am unsuccessful. It just means that I must learn from my success as well as my failures in order to prepare me for my future endeavors. My Olympic dream may have died, but it doesn’t stop me from working towards my other dreams. My softball days can help serve as reminders to work hard and never give up on something that I have great potential in doing. So in your softball days or whatever it is you are pursuing, use the potential you got and remember that perseverance always pays off.

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