One Ball, Two Ball – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill will build endurance of players as well as work on the accuracy of the throws made.

Evenly spread out the players at each base.

The ball will begin at home plate and will throw the ball to first.

The person at fist will throw to second. This is continued all the way around the bases with each player running to where they threw the ball and waiting at the end of the line for another turn.

When players are used to this, throw in a second ball.

When players are used to this, yell out “reverse” and reverse the direction in which the ball was being thrown.

Each time the ball is dropped or a bad throw is made the players must drop their gloves and run around the bases until they reach their spot and begin again.

Have a goal of 10 or 15 times the ball goes around the bases without making a bad throw or missing the ball.

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