Outfield Drills – Carol Bruggeman

Ourfield Drills – Carol Bruggeman – Produced By Gary Leland

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University Of Louisville Coach Carol Bruggeman gives a clinic on must have outfield drills. This weeks episode is sponsored by SoftballJunk.com.

With these must have outfield drills Carol emphasizes that the skills that the players must accrue and learn all begins with the coaches. The coach must value and respect the outfield position for the players to be more interested and involved in learning and improving the last line of defense position. Speed is important for outfield softball players, but accuracy in throwing the ball is what really counts when outfielder gets the softball to throw it DIRECTLY to the cut off man. For a outfield softball player to be aggressive is great and that will all show in the reaction. The reaction begins just as the ball is hit. That softball player sees it, takes the first step, gets to the direction the ball is going, calls the ball, and makes sure it is caught not matter what!

Now for the drills, Carol starts with the hustle drill. With one tosser and one fielder. Front catch, one catch behind to the left, behind to the right, and in front again. The fielder should be making an “x” with her running pattern when she is finished., When comfortable with the drill then work on footwork as well. Next would be working on passed balls. ALWAYS make sure that you have the back of the other outfielders and then when you get the ball, before you throw always remember “Thumb to the thigh and then out to the sky” so that you have a long and fluid motion to get the ball where it needs to go no matter the distance. with the remainder of the drills Carol focuses on the players using the power of their back side for the ultimate power when throwing the ball from such great distances.

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