Outfield Range And Communication – India Chiles

India ChilesObjective: Teach communication and aggressive defense in the outfield.

Set-Up: Have 2 outfielders side by side in the outfield, preferably in left center and right center. Have a coach set up to hit balls from the plate.

PHASE 1: The first ball hit, should be for the defender in right field. This ball is going to be hit towards left center and will force her to sprint hard after it, not allowing it to hit the ground. Her second outfielder's job is loud communication to help her with ball judgement. The next ball will be hit towards right center for the left fielder to defend. Same principle here.

PHASE 2: Hit balls in the middle of the two defenders, now knowing that they both have the range to get to it. The two athletes are to communicate loud with one another to safely and successfully finish the play by making the catch. When finish with this phase of the drill, you can rotate other athletes in for the same drill.

To make the drill harder, make the gap between the 2 defenders wider, while keeping it in perspective how much ground each defender should be able to cover. You can also implement diving with this drill, to emphasize that no balls should hit the ground with out maximal effort exhibited.

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