Palm – Fielding Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill develops the basic mechanics of fielding a ball and transitioning into a throwing position.

Begin with three or four players with their gloves off, about 15’ away from the thrower.

The players are in a fielding position as if they are about to receive the ball.

With the palm of the glove hand facing down and fingers spread toss the ball to the player.

The goal is to tap the ball straight down to the ground with the palm of the glove hand.

When progressing to the next step introduce the throwing hand with literally having the player tap the ball into the throwing hand, not catching the ball, but tapping the ball into the throwing hand.

There should be two soft sounds: the first is the ball hitting the glove hand, and the second is the ball falling into the throwing hand.

Progress again to the next step of doing the same as before but add the foot work to get into a throwing position.

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