Partner Running – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill will promote teamwork as well as endurance, and improved hand-eye coordination.

Have the girls partner up and line up at home plate with one softball per group.

The first group will face each other shuffling in a fielding position while rolling the ball to their partner(slightly ahead of their partner) as they travel down the first base line all the way to the foul pole. The second group will begin when the first group reaches first base.

After reaching the foul pole then that group will jog side-by-side along the fence, tossing the ball in the air to each other, all the way to the other foul pole.

After reaching the foul pole in left field then have the partners walk, one in front of the other, back to home plate while tossing the ball up to each other. The player in the back tosses it about 3ft above and in front of the player in front, while walking. Player in front then gently tosses it up and the player in the back catches it until the the partners make it back to home plate.

After the entire team makes it around once, challenge the groups to speed up and when the ball is dropped or another group passes them then the group sits where they are and that group is out.

Winning group sits out of 10 push-ups, running, or sit-ups.

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