Pitching Clinic Part 1 – Bill Hillhouse

Pitching Clinic Part 1 – Bill Hillhouse – Produced By Gary Leland

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Hillhouse talks about that he believes in just simplifying pitching whether it's in women's or men's fastpitch. He says that a softball pitching motion is basically a baseball motion turned upside down in a simpler sense. He says that it doesn't matter what way a softball pitcher starts their motion it only matters that you get to the same position in the end and that you get the same benefit from the position.

Hillhouse says that the way a softball player warms up isn't about working the wrist flips or small details but is actually more about the push off the pitching mound and the bend and force that the arm gets in the pitching motion and the position in mid air is strong and is pushing forward to really get the momentum going in the pitch.

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  • moonpup

    Interesting points by drawing compariosns between baseball and softball. Like how he keeps it very simple.

  • therocket

    I have been pitching for 20 years, I am an ex Division 1 athlete, and now a pitching coach. I’ve been doing private lessons for 9 years. I teach my girls to warm up their wrists with wrist flicks, because they need to learn how to let the ball roll off their fingers, and strengthen their wrists. I think everyone that plays the sport needs to learn how to snap a ball. I think his demonstration of how baseball pitchers don’t do wrist flicks is really funny, because the first thing we did to warm up our overhand throws when I got to college was overhand wrist flicks, although we didn’t do them in the ridiculous way he made fun of, which I think is really funny. For someone who has been playing softball their entire lives to pretend they’ve never seen an overhand warm up, and then says it’s a bad idea, is sending students down a path of thinking they can skip over one of the most important parts of the pitch. I as a pitcher, had a reputation for having wicked movement on my pitches. I accredit that to my pitching coach who taught me how to do wrist flicks properly, to strengthen and perfect my spin. Also, i agree that the arm needs to whip as it comes through the release, but if you look at photos and the way the arm whips, at the point of release, when the arm will be right in the middle of it’s whip, it is a relatively straight arm. I don’t see a problem with teaching a girl to single out the point where the wrist is going to snap with a straight arm for the purpose of working on alignment and posture, and of course the snap itself. The whipping motion, I feel is something that happens naturally at full speed when the pitcher is properly relaxed. I don’t know if I agree with the idea of teaching a girl to bend her arm on purpose. I almost think it’s better to teach them to relax, and let the laws of momentum work naturally. I know that this is not included in part one but I know that’s what he’s getting at.